Rosatom is a leading global player in the nuclear market:
  • No.1 for nuclear new builds (8 nuclear reactors under construction in Russia and 34 abroad);
  • No.2 in nuclear power generation with 195.2 bln kWh generated in 2015;
  • World's 2nd largest uranium reserves and 3rd in uranium extraction with 7.8 thousand tons in 2015;
  • No.1 for uranium enrichment, capturing 36% of the market;
  • Supplies fuel to 78 power reactors in 15 countries worldwide (17% of the global nuclear fuel market);
  • World's 2nd largest number of units in operating domestically (34 power units);
  • Leader in the operation of research reactors (52 research reactors);
  • The only company in the world with a closed nuclear fuel cycle;
  • World's only nuclear icebreaker fleet;
  • Rosatom encompasses over 350 companies and organisations that employ over 250,000 people;
  • The world's only Gen3+ nuclear power reactor in operation;
  • World leader in closed nuclear fuel cycle technology (power startup of BN-800, a fast neutron reactor with the highest output, at Beloyarsk NPP; commercial production of MOX fuel);
  • 10-year backlog of foreign orders totaling over US$133 billion, which include NPP construction, nuclear fuel cycle, NPP service and refurbishment, equipment supplies and other areas.