Rosatom collaborates with Western Europe across a broad spectrum of areas and throughout the operations process. 
The group manufactures fuel assemblies in partnership with Areva. In the city of Elektrostal, Areva employs the services of Rosatom's subsidiary TVEL to supply seven reactors in Europe.
Rosatom is actively working on the development of a half-speed turbine in Russia via its joint venture Alstom-Atomenergomash (AAEM, Rosatom equipment supplier), established in 2007. 
Rosenergoatom (the Russian nuclear power station operator), which celebrated its twentieth year of cooperation with EDF in 2012, has developed an exclusive partnership with the French group that covers every stage of power station operations, from designing reactors to their commissioning. 
In 2012, the consortium led by Rosenergoatom and EDF implemented a project to extend the service life of the Kozloduy power station in Bulgaria: a successful operation that demonstrates the expertise of Rosatom, in cooperation with reliable partners.
With environmental issues and growth in energy demand representing the impending challenges of the 21st century, the Rosatom group also aims to provide suitable responses to these major challenges with regard to the nuclear industry. In Europe, these include decommissioning nuclear power stations and extending the service life of reactors. For exemple: 
  • Extending the service life of reactors is a solution that ensures safety, economic competitiveness and energy efficiency. 
  • NUKEM Technologies GmbH, a subsidiary of Rosatom in Germany, specialises in decommissioning nuclear facilities, decontamination, waste processing and radiation protection.
Rosatom is actively positioned on existing markets, but also invests in innovative projects that will produce tomorrow’s energy.


Rosatom actively participates in the ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) programme. The ITER tokamak project brings together 35 countries in total; the 28 countries of the European Union as well as Russia, the United States, China, India, Japan, South Korea and Switzerland. 
The assembly project is located in Cadarache, in the south of France.