Rosatom’s integrated offer

Rosatom offers its international customers an integrated solution and provides support on every stage of the nuclear cycle. Our integrated offer gives our clients a one-off access to the entire line of products and services, from a single vendor, that are provided throughout the nuclear power plant’s operating life. Along with design and construction of nuclear stations, our offer includes such services as: nuclear infrastructure development in the customer’s country, assistance while establishing a nuclear regulatory framework, national staff training, engagement of local businesses, fuel supplies, operation and maintenance of nuclear facilities, spent nuclear fuel management, as well as programs aimed at raising public acceptance of the nuclear power. 

Nuclear infrastructure

Rosatom is always willing to assist the customer in establishing, but also improving their national nuclear infrastructure and regulatory policies in accordance with IAEA guidelines. The assistance in the nuclear infrastructure development starts even before the customer has selected its vendor – we get involved the moment the national government decides to study the feasibility of including civil nuclear power in the national energy strategy. Our commitment to the nuclear infrastructure development since its early stages minimizes potential economic, social, political and technical risks.

Staff training

High level of professionalism is the key to safe and reliable operation of the nuclear reactor. Rosatom puts a special emphasis on training local talents. We train professionals working throughout the industry, starting from maintenance teams to national regulatory bodies. Our training programs are based on the IAEA guidelines and standards as well as on solid experience of Russia's leading nuclear universities. Rosatom also offers multiple quotas for foreign students in top Russian universities as well as internship opportunities at operating nuclear facilities in Russia.

Public acceptance

Public awareness and acceptance of the nuclear technologies are the cornerstones of a successful delivery of the nuclear power projects in any country. To address popular concerns and raise public awareness, Rosatom has developed a dedicated PR solution. Rosatom also helps to develop and implement i communication strategy which includes visits of Russian nuclear facilities for foreign media, crisis communication workshops for PR managers, etc. Rosatom's nuclear information centers serve as communication venues meant to inform general public of nuclear technologies and promote nuclear education, science and innovations among schoolchildren, students and teachers.

Energy solutions

Rosatom operates a vertically integrated value chain to deliver turnkey energy supply solutions to its international customers – from nuclear station design, construction, procurement and commissioning to continuous fuel supplies, maintenance and operation. Rosatom's flagship energy solution is VVER-1200, an improved Generation III+ reactor featuring a two-circuit steam generator and thermal neutron technology. The solution is unique for its combination of passive and active safety systems making it perfectly compliant with post-Fukushima safety standards.

Maintenance solutions

Rosatom Group companies have extensive expertise in maintenance and modernization of Russian-designed nuclear power plants. Rosatom is also a nuclear operator with unique experience in the field as the largest power generator in Russia. We operate a total of 35 nuclear power reactors of different design. We are committed to providing our customers with the latest nuclear technology and sharing our multi-year expertise in nuclear operation. Rosatom is prepared to provide comprehensive, easy-to-use advice on every aspect of nuclear operations, including formation of an operating company, licensing, project design management, project acceptance, power generation management, plant operation, service maintenance as well as industrial and environmental safety.

Fuel solutions

Rosatom ensures the fuel supplies for the nuclear power plant throughout its entire life cycle, while maintaining high levels of nuclear, radiological and ecological security.

Back end of the nuclear fuel cycle

Rosatom offers its international clients an integrated solution covering all the aspects of the spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste management, including the maintenance of a high level of nuclear, radiological and ecological security.

Engagement of local businesses

Rosatom guarantees the widest involvement of local engineering and construction companies in the project. Local vendors in emerging nuclear countries have a possibility to provide general construction and installation services as well as machinery and materials supply as long as it will not affect the overall safety of nuclear facilities. The more the local industry is advanced and the more its vendors have nuclear project experience, the higher will the local input be.

For more information on Rosatom's integrated offer please visit the Rusatom Overseas website.