The plant supplier of the Hanhikivi-1 Nuclear Power Plant project Raos Project Oy and the TITAN-2 holding, general construction subcontractor of the project, took part in the Oulu Nuclear Forum, organized by FinNuclear in cooperation with Rosatom State Nuclear Corporation with the support of the Rusatom – International Network, by Fennovoima and BusinessOulu, which was held on May 22-24. 

At the beginning of 2015, RAOS Project Oy and TITAN-2 entered into an agreement on the construction of the Hanhikivi-1 Nuclear Power Plant. In accordance with this agreement, TITAN-2 is responsible for site preparation work, construction work, project development and the supply of materials and equipment necessary for all the nuclear island objects, and for the power distribution complex and all support facilities.

Supply chain of the Hanhikivi-1 Nuclear Power Plant project includes 381 companies, about 92% of them Finnish.
For example, in May 2017, TITAN-2 signed a contract with Destia Oy for soil stabilization work at the Hanhikivi-1 Nuclear Power Plant construction site. The work will start in the summer of 2017and finish by autumn. A contract with Skanska Infra Oy for the excavation of cooling water tunnels was also signed. The contract calls for a 500-meter cooling water tunnel and two access tunnels of 200 meters each to be excavated. That work will also start this summer.

TITAN-2 is planning to announce several tenders for work at the Hanhikivi-1 Nuclear Power Plant construction site in 2017. For example, in the summer-autumn period, it is planned to hold a tender for construction of a checkpoint, preparation of the site for the construction of support buildings and facilities, and other works. In a speech at the forum, TITAN-2 project manager Timo Kallio shared information about the procurement procedure, opportunities for participation in the NPP project that TITAN-2 provides Finnish suppliers, future procurements and the procedure for the selection of suppliers. 

During the second day of the Oulu Nuclear Forum, representatives of TITAN-2 and of RAOS Project Oy, the general contractor of the Hanhikivi-1 Nuclear Power Plant project, took part in B2B meetings with representatives of Finnish companies. According to the representatives of Raos Project Oy, the meeting made it possible for the local companies to learn about opportunities for participation in the nuclear energy projects and requirements for subcontractors in these projects. “The involvement of EU companies plays an important role in the implementation of the Hanhikivi-1 project. Companies from Finland have the necessary experience as required by the Finnish law, which is an advantage for the project”, said manager of the supply chain control department at Raos Project Oy Philipp Kashin. For Russian companies, these meeting with the representatives of the Finnish industry are a good opportunity to gain a better understanding of the peculiarities of doing business in Finland. Thus, Oulu Nuclear Forum is a platform for overcoming cultural differences and increasing the efficiency of collaboration between Russian and Finnish companies.