The Volgodonsk branch of JSC “AEM-technology” (a part of the machine-building division of Rosatom – “Atomenergomash”) has shipped the Set of Steam Generators for the first nuclear power plant “ROOPPUR” which is under construction in Bangladesh. The first item was dispatched two months ago, together with the Reactor Pressure Vessel. Two more Steam Generators were shipped in September.
The last of the four Steam Generators was transported from the plant to the special birth, where three items with the total weight of more than 1000 tons, will be loaded onto a barge. The equipment will be transferred to Novorossiysk, then the item will be transported to the Republic of Bangladesh by sea. The sea route will be about 14 000 km.
Thus, the main equipment of the Reactor facility for Unit No.1 of ROOPPUR NPP, has been shipped from the plant site.  
The Steam Generator belongs to products of the first safety class. Its diameter is 4 meters; its length is about 14 meters. The weight of the equipment is 340 tons. The Steam Generator Vessel is a horizontal cylindrical vessel with two elliptical Heads, in the middle part of the vessel there are Headers for supplying and removing the hot coolant. In the lower part of the Steam Generator Vessel there is a heat-exchange surface which consists of 11 000 stainless tubes with the total length being about 130 km. The equipment of every Unit includes four Steam Generator.
ROOPPUR NPP is designed and constructed as per the Russian project. The power plant will consist of two Units with the capacity of 1200 MW each, equipped with VVER reactors of the 3+ generation.