20 August 2020, Moscow. - The anniversary of the nuclear industry is celebrated in Russia. Within 75 days, Rosatom will hold more than 100 events across the nation dedicated to the country’s nuclear industry. The slogan of the celebration is “75 years: ahead of the times”.

August 20, 1945 became the starting point in the history of Russian nuclear industry, which has been defending the country, providing people with energy, developing science and new technologies far beyond the nuclear field, for 75 years. On this day, a Special Committee under the USSR State Defense Committee and the First Main Directorate under the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR were created to manage the work on the atomic project.

For a long time the industry was one of the most secretive, and talking about even the most peaceful achievements of atomic science was not a common place. Most people do not realize that many technologies and solutions available to us today - from diagnostic medical equipment to security systems – have been researched and made at the nuclear enterprises.

Rosatom celebration will start on August 20 - the birthday of the nuclear industry - and will last 75 days. It will tell people about the Russian nuclear industry and the role it plays in the life of each of us.

For more information on the history of the Russian nuclear industry, please visit: https://atom75.com/