In the framework of the forum the Primorsky Krai Administration and Rosatom signed a concession Agreement on the creation of a nuclear medicine center on Russki Island.

The Agreement was signed by Anna Bondarenko, director general of AtomMedTechnology – Far East, JSC, and Pavel Serebryakov, vice-governor of the Primorsky Krai administration. Signing ceremony attendees included Alexey Likhachev, CEO of Rosatom, Vladimir Miklushevsky, Primosky Krai governor, and Yuri Trutnev, deputy prime minister of the Russian Federation – presidential plenipotentiary envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District.

According to the signed document, AtomMedTechnology – Far East, JSC (AMT-FE), a project company under the management of Rosatom’s medical integrator Rusatom Healthcare JSC, will design and construct a Nuclear Medicine Center, furnish it with cutting-edge equipment, train the necessary personnel and commission the facility within five years. Throughout the Concession Agreement’s validity period, AMT-FE will manage the Center’s operations and provide medical service in the scope that will be decided on with the Primorsky Krai administration.

The Nuclear Medicine Center will include a radionuclide therapy department, which will include radiopharmaceutical operations, and a radiologic diagnostics department. The latter will conduct research based on a number of modern methods, including the combined method of positron emission and computed tomography (PET/CT), and a method of single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT).

It is expected that medical services will be mainly provided to Primorsky Krai residents under Russia’s public medical insurance program. Rosatom, represented by Rusatom Healthcare, JSC, as the managing company, will finance the project in full. The total cost is expected to be about 2.5 billion rubles. The parties plan on completing the construction and commissioning the Center by the end of 2020 at an accelerated pace.

According to Alexey Likhachev, CEO of Rosatom, the project will increase access to nuclear medicine technologies. “This will guarantee better quality of diagnostics and more efficient oncological treatment, make it possible to detect cancer at earlier stages and, as a result, reduce mortality,”
he noted.

Vladimir Miklushevsky, Primosky Krai governor, stressed that nuclear medicine provides for diagnostics and medical treatment for cancer patients at the highest technological level. “It is estimated that about six thousand patients will be examined at the Primorye Nuclear Medicine Center per year. The Center could satisfy the needs in cancer treatment and diagnostics throughout the whole Far East, providing the necessary medical service to the nearest neighboring countries in the Asia-Pacific region,” stated Miklushevsky. The head of the region also added that the project siting had already been completed.


Rosatom (full name: Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation) is a Russian state corporation, one of the global technology leaders. Rosatom is one of ten largest companies of the Russian Federation being also one of the major national taxpayers. The corporation comprises nuclear power, NPP design and construction, and power engineering facilities. Rosatom has the largest case of foreign projects (34 units in 12 countries) in the world; ranks 2nd and 4th internationally for uranium reserves and mining respectively. Rosatom covers 36% of the world market of uranium enrichment and 17% of nuclear fuel market. Rosatom’s businesses also include manufacturing of equipment and isotope products for nuclear medicine, scientific researches, material engineering, supercomputers and software, various nuclear and nonnuclear innovation products. Rosatom’s strategy implies development of clean generation projects including wind generation. Rosatom comprises over 300 companies and organizations including the only one nuclear icebreaker fleet in the world. The state corporation is assigned to implement the single state policy in nuclear power and to fulfil international obligations of the Russian Federation in peaceful uses of atomic energy.

Rusatom Healthcare, JSC, was founded by Atomenergoprom, JSC, as a company of Rosatom, to develop manufacturing of equipment and radionuclide products for the nuclear medicine and medical radiology, and also of industry equipment based on radiation technologies. Rusatom Healthcare, JSC, has under its direct management such large companies and industry research facilities as NIITFA JSC (equipment manufacturing), V/O Isotope JSC (radionuclide manufacturing), L.Y. Karpov NIFHI JSC (production of radiopharmaceuticals), Rusreactor JSC (manufacturing of small reactors for radionuclide production) and two centers for production of radiopharmaceuticals based on radionuclides with ultrashort lives: fluorine-18, carbon-11, nitrogen-13 and oxigen-15 for PET scanning. The company’s mission is the organization and integration of production facilities as a basis for a full-scale internal market of modern hi-tech equipment, innovation radionuclide products, and radiopharmaceuticals intended for the nuclear medicine and medical radiology, and of modern industry equipment based on radiation technologies with further promotion of competitive products abroad.