On April 3th 2020 Ganz EEG Kft. has dispatched the last of 3 water turbines to a SHPP in Russia

Ganz EEG Kft. has supplied 3 horizontal shaft Kaplan-type turbines with a performance of 1,825 MW each, ordered by the Russian RusHydro company. The turbines are going to be installed at a small hydropower plant in Stavropol Krai, Russia. Main technical characteristics of the equipment are: head – 12,5 m; flow rate - 16.0 m³/s, efficiency – 91,75%. The runners have a diameter of 1,8, m and the weight of 1 turbine is 22 tons.

This is the second order of RusHydro within the last 2 years, which is part of a program aiming for the development of small hydropower of the Caucasus part of Russia. In 2018 Ganz EEG Kft. has also supplied 2 turbines with a performance of 2,9 MW.

Small hydropower is a traditional area of business for Ganz EEG Kft., which is the successor of the mechanical engineering division for the energy industry of Ganz, a company founded in 1844.  Turbines, manufactured by Ganz successfully operate in every part of the world.  

„Due to the demand for renewable energy and the ecological advantages of small hydropower we expect a constant interest towards this kind of equipment in the coming decades” - noted Oleg Russkikh, managing director of Ganz EEG Kft. in connection with the current project.  

Ganz EEG Kft. is a Russian-Hungarian joint venture, subsidiary of the Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation “Rosatom” and it’s mechanical engineering division AO “Atomenergomash”. The main profile of the company is production of high performance pumps for the energy industry, including nuclear power, as well as turbines of different types and performance water turbines.
In February 2020. representatives of the company took part in the Congress for Hydropower in Central Asia, organized in Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyzstan is a country where hydropower supplies 94% of the total generation of electricity, and is particularly interested in the development of small hydropower. Apart from that Ganz EEG Kft. is looking for new projects in cooperation with it’s existing partners in the industry.