On June 3, 2017, IAEA Director General Y. Amano during his visit to the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum for the first time visited the Leningrad nuclear power plant, where got acquainted with work of modernized power units and appreciated the preparedness to start launch operations at the new power unit of generation “3 +” VVER-1200 (second turn, platform LAES-2). In the trip IAEA head was accompanied by his Deputy - head of the Department of nuclear energy of IAEA Mikhail Chudakov, Deputy Director General of State Corporation Rosatom - International activities unit Director Nikolai Spassky, Permanent Representative of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION to the international organizations in Vienna Vladimir Voronkov, as well as Deputy Head of Rostekhnadzor Alexey Ferapontov.

During the visit Mr. Amano highly appreciated LAES's nuclear security systems, noting that comparing to previous projects the new Russian unit was initially equipped with additional protection systems. “Multi-level protection of VVER-1200 unit produces a strong impression - in case of one system failure another one activates, this is very correct" he said.

At the meeting with Russian journalists during the visit Y. Amano noted that Russia is making a big contribution to the work of the IAEA in the field of nuclear energy and peaceful nuclear applications in non-energy fields. "Nuclear power is the most environmental friendly way to produce electricity in terms of minimal greenhouse gas emissions. To enhance the well-being of society it is necessary to develop nuclear energy, and it will continue. Russia is a very active player in the process," said the head of the IAEA.