The agreement will contribute to the creation of an international research center based on the MBIR reactor (IRC MBIR) and the formation of a competence center for the development of generation 4 reactor technologies.

On October 27, in Dubna, Leader of IRC MBIR Consortium, LLC (subsidiary of Rosatom) and Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) signed an agreement on cooperation in the field of fundamental scientific and applied research on the basis of the MBIR multipurpose reactor.

Guided by the principles of preserving and developing the Russian experimental base for nuclear power, the parties agreed to work together to prepare multilateral research programs using the capabilities of the reactor, as well as to coordinate R&D in the field of nuclear physics, high energy and plasma physics, radiation materials science and other promising scientific domains.

“First of all, the signing of an agreement with JINR for us means confirmation of the high scientific status of this project. The agenda of the scientific program with the participation of the Joint Institute will not be limited to applied research in the framework of fundamental and atomic physics, and will greatly expand the areas of research related to non-energy applications, particularly in medicine, geology, agriculture, etc.”, - noted Konstantin Vergazov, General Director of Leader of IRC MBIR Consortium, LLC. “For this purpose, we are ready to provide JINR with preferences in determining the possibilities of using the reactor and testing facilities for carrying out scientific and applied research at the reactor”, stressed Konstantin Vergazov.

Moreover, JINR's expert support in creating and coordinating the activities of the MBIR reactor international research community is one of the key areas of cooperation.

“We and ROSATOM are following in line with all our strategic agreements reached at the historic meeting of the Scientific and Technical Council of ROSATOM in 2019. In addition to a number of scientific research and the creation of new type reactors, our cooperation reflected the demand for JINR expertise in the development of Rosatom’s international projects”, - said Director of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Grigory Trubnikov. “Today's agreement is the first step in organizing an international collaboration around the future MBIR reactor in order to implement a breakthrough project in the field of nuclear technologies under the auspices of Rosatom. The Joint Institute highly appreciates the opportunity to join this initiative, and I hope that this is a new bright page in our cooperation".

For reference: ROSATOM is building a unique research facility MBIR as part of the comprehensive program "Development of equipment, technologies and research in the field of atomic energy use in the Russian Federation." The reactor is being built in the city of Dimitrovgrad (Ulyanovsk region) on the grounds of SSC RIAR, LLC. The International Research Center (ICR) MBIR is being created on the basis of the rector of MBIR. The scientific group will include Russian and foreign scientists and researchers. The activities of the Center will be carried out by a consortium - "International Research Center on the basis of the MBIR reactor". This approach will enable flexible use of the reactor resource that meets the needs of the members of the scientific community.

The Joint Institute for Nuclear Research is the only international intergovernmental scientific organization in Russia. It was established in 1956, registered by the UN in 1957. JINR's legal address is in New York, and the institute is located in the city of Dubna, Moscow Region. The scientific center includes 18 participating countries. JINR's motto is “Science brings peoples together”.

The main directions of theoretical and experimental research at JINR are elementary particle physics, nuclear physics and condensed matter physics.

Over the past 10 years, 10 elements of the periodic table have been discovered at JINR, it is here that the mega-science “NICA Complex” is being built; the institute is one of the leading organizations in the international scientific collaboration in the BAIKAL-GVD project - the creation of the Baikal neutrino telescope.

Leader of IRC MBIR Consortium and Joint Institute for Nuclear Research have agreed on scientific, technical and innovative cooperation based on MBIR reactor
Leader of IRC MBIR Consortium and Joint Institute for Nuclear Research have agreed on scientific, technical and innovative cooperation based on MBIR reactor