RITM-200 is a plant made up of two 175 MW thermal power reactors. The plant has a long service life, a high installed power utilization factor and a long period of continuous operation, with the number of core reloads kept to the minimum. Besides, the plant has a low level of its own energy consumption, which ensures the best operational characteristics of the icebreaker as a whole.

OKBM Afrikantov manufactures, among other things, key equipment of the steam generating system, such as a tube unit, a core barrel and a reactor head.

OKBM Afrikantov JSC has also completed the production of a reloading complex for the new generation icebreakers. The reloading complex is designed to reload the cores of the RITM-200 reactor plants. The equipment enables to perform the entire range of activities in the course of the operation of universal nuclear icebreakers related to the opening of the reactor, unloading spent fuel assemblies (FAs), loading new fuel assemblies, installation of reactor equipment and ensuring the physical start-up.

The Atomenergomash JSC enterprises provide a complete production chain for the creation of a RITM-200 plant – from the design and production of workpieces to the manufacture and installation of equipment. OKBM Afrikantov JSC acts as a designer and a single-source manufacturer, which also manufactures a number of important elements of the power plant. The production of the reactor vessel and the final assembly take place at the ZiO-Podolsk factory. The experience gained in the development and manufacture of the RITM-200 reactor plants has also allowed Atomenergomash JSC to become a single-source manufacturer of equipment for icebreakers of the Leader project, for which the ROSATOM mechanical engineering division will supply the entire power island, including a new RITM-400 reactor plant.


On October 21, 2020, the head nuclear icebreaker (Arktika) with a RITM-200 RP officially joined the fleet. On December 24, 2021, the first project 22220 serial universal nuclear icebreaker (Sibir) was put into operation. The construction of Ural, Yakutia and Chukotka universal nuclear icebreakers continues.

Shipbuilding is one of the most fast-growing business areas of Atomenergomash. Today, the mechanical engineering division of ROSATOM can produce not only reactor plants, but also other equipment for the shipbuilding industry, including a wide range of ship valves, boiler, vessel, heat exchange and filtration equipment, elements of steam turbine units as well as a number of auxiliary systems. The division's enterprises have both the equipment and competencies to perform all process operations, from foundry and blank production to testing and packaging of finished products.