The State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom is finalizing the legal paperwork for the purchase of a minority stake in Sergey Shishkarev’s Delo Group.

“The Delo Group together with the Rosatom State Corporation will continue to develop the logistics business based on existing assets and competencies of the companies, including the multimodal and transit transport,” President of the Delo Group Sergey Shishkarev said.

Rosatom faces ambitious tasks of developing a new logistics field and creating a joint platform with the Delo Group to launch a global international transport and logistics business. The main area of the cooperation will be the development of the international multimodal and transit transport business on the Asia-Europe-Asia destination through the Northern Sea Route.

Rosatom is the authorized infrastructure operator of the Northern Sea Route and the owner of the world's only nuclear icebreaker fleet. The geographical presence, existing competencies and the logistics infrastructure of the Delo Group are to become the key platform for solving the tasks the Rosatom is facing.

Assets of the Delo Group include six ports in the Baltic, one in the Azov-Black Sea and one in the Far Eastern basins, which are the key regions of foreign trade cargo flows. A new international container transit service from Asia to Europe was launched in the Baltic and the Far East together with the Maersk through the marine terminals of the Global Ports group, a share of which is owned by Delo Group.

A new Arctic container line will be established based on the corporation’s logistics assets and assets of the Delo Group. Rosatom intends not only to launch a year-round use of the Northern Sea Route but to significantly improve the entire Eurasian logistics and, along with the Suez Canal, to offer lucrative conditions for the movement of goods from Asia to Europe. In the joint project, special attention will be paid to environmental issues and international environmental requirements.