Russian nuclear corporation, Rosatom contributed to the celebration of Mandela Day in South Africa, which was dedicated to fighting poverty this year.

Recognising that education will play a fundamental role in the long term alleviation of poverty, Rosatom Africa refurbished and modernized the schools dilapidated computer centre. The company also donated 30 brand new desktop computers as well as a smart board to Bothabelo Secondary School, which is situated in the impoverished township of Oukasie in the North West province of South Africa.

Rosatom completely renovated the centre and furnished the facility with all the high tech gadgets and safety standards required for the centre to become a conducive learning hub. The computer centre will allow the student’s access to technology and information that they previously did not have access to.

The Principal of Bothabelo Secondary School, Mr Semenya highlighted the challenges his students faced when reaching tertiary education without ever having access to computers. “We find that many of our brightest students that reach tertiary institutions struggle as they are required to use computers for most activities, even handing in assignments. We truly believe that this centre will have a great impact on their futures, and for this we must thank Rosatom.”

Nuclear educational programmes were also installed on the computers which will allow the students to study the basics of a nuclear power plants construction and fundamental principles of its operation.

“We do believe that Rosatom’s contribution will inspire these young students to develop their computer skills and give them opportunity to reach their full educational potential. Rosatom is a responsible corporate citizen of South Africa for 25 years and we are proud to play our part for this great country,” said Victor Polikarpov, Vice President of Rosatom Central and Southern Africa.

In 2016 Rosatom renovated two science labs and purchased critical equipment for Bothabelo Secondary school (microscopes, Benza burners, test tubes, etc.)