The Russian representative office of KONE Russia, the manufacturer of elevator equipment and escalators, acquired from Atomenergopromsbyt (part of NovaWind JSC, Rosatom’s wind power division) green I-REC certificates for 500 MWh, confirming the renewable origin of electricity.


Thanks to this agreement, in 2021 the need to confirm the renewable origin of electricity for all KONE offices in Russia were covered in full by wind power. Thus, KONE Russia will contribute to KONE sustainable development strategy, in particular, reduction of carbon dioxide emissions to zero at all stages of the company’s production and sales by 2030.


“ROSATOM's strategy for low-carbon energy production based on nuclear and wind generation is aimed at reducing the carbon footprint and achieving sustainable development goals. NovaWind provides its partners with various tools to achieve these goals. Switching to green energy is a significant and responsible step not only for the company, but also for the society. And we definitely welcome the ambition of our socially responsible partner to minimize the impact of the company's production activities on the environment,” noted Grigoriy Nazarov, CEO of NovaWind JSC.


“Using such a tool as I-REC green certificates will help us achieve sustainable development goals that are aimed at improving welfare and protecting the environment, and confirm that all our respective obligations are met,” emphasized Kenneth Lindgren, CEO of KONE Russia.


For reference:

NovaWind JSC is Rosatom’s division consolidating efforts of the Russian nuclear corporation in the energy generation advanced segments and technological platforms. The company was established in September 2017 to accumulate Rosatom’s competencies in wind power generation, from design and construction to mechanical engineering and operation of wind farms. As of today, NovaWind has commissioned 720 MW of electricity. Until 2027, Rosatom will put into operation wind farms with a total capacity of 1.7 GW.


Atomenergopromsbyt JSC (part of NovaWind JSC, Rosatom’s wind power division) was established in May 2014 as Rosatom’s corporate power supply company to deliver electricity to nuclear industry enterprises and other consumers of electricity. Besides, the company is developing “new” energy projects under the Russian electricity market model: renewable energy, distributed generation, storage devices, and digital energy.


KONE is the world leader in the elevator and escalator industry. In its 110-year history, the company has achieved success through a constant pursuit of innovation, guaranteeing its customers and users simplicity, efficiency and comfort of using equipment. The company is a major innovator in the industry, as evidenced by over 3,000 patents.

As a global leader in the industry, KONE provides elevators, escalators and automatic building doors, as well as solutions for maintenance and modernization to add value to buildings throughout their life cycle. In 2020, KONE had annual sales of EUR 9.9 billion, and over 60,000 employees around the world. KONE class B shares are listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd. in Finland.

Over the past 75 years, the company has been successfully supplying equipment to Russia in all market segments. In Russia, KONE is represented in more than 40 cities through its own offices and networks.


The international I-REC standard is a non-commercial tool ensuring a reliable system for tracking the origin of electricity around the world. Green I-REC certificate confirms that the electricity used by its holder is generated from renewable energy sources – the sun, wind, water. The validity of I-REC certificate is within one year. The active use of I-REC certificates in Russia began in 2020, they are issued by all the largest producers of renewable energy.