The system aimed at reprocessing all types of fibrous waste and producing new products out of it is being tested at the ZUKM plant (part of the UMATEX division, Rosatom) under the industrial processes diversification program. The equipment has the production capacity of over 150 tons annually and will allow to create an effective composite recycling system.

UMATEX Deputy Director General Yuri Svistunov said that the Carbon Fiber Cutting project is designed to solve the problem of recycling waste generated by carbon fiber production. Creating a recycling system for composites is an important stage in the development of a complete recycling system.

New materials all the unique properties of composites, such as their light weight, high durability and resistance to corrosion. Consequently, they are in demand in various industries: space and aircraft manufacturing, shipbuilding, construction, automotive and energy industry, sports equipment production as well as medicine.