The delegation of the JSC TENEX (the “Company”) participated in the 42nd Symposium of the World Nuclear Association (WNA) held on September 13-15, 2017 in London, UK.
In her report “Creating a new nuclear fuel cycle” presented at the Symposium opening, the Company’s General Director L.M. Zalimskaya placed emphasis on the currently developed in Russia innovation technologies for handling spent nuclear fuel (SNF) that allow using to the full extent the U and Pl power resources, and also significantly reducing the volumes of radwaste and their radiotoxicity. Closing up the nuclear fuel cycle (NFC) as the driver of the global nuclear energy will facilitate the targets set forth by the WNA – in response to the global climatic challenges – of increasing electricity generation by NPP’s.
Having noted Russia’s openness to a broad scientific and technological cooperation with the countries developing the NFC technologies, L.M. Zalimskaya also underlined the country’s readiness to propose to the countries lacking such technologies “a full set of services: from supply of nuclear fuel for NPP’s to SNF reprocessing”.
The WNA Symposium is one of the largest international business sites offering a possibility to discuss the vital issues and trends in nuclear power and industry development. It is attended annually by some 700 representatives from the leading nuclear companies from over 30 countries.
The Company participates in the activities of most WNA Working Groups focusing on various aspects of developing the global market for NFC products.
On the sidelines of the WNA Symposium the TENEX delegation held traditional business meetings with the Company’s partners from the countries of America, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa.
The WNA Board of Management of 20 persons including the representatives from the global NFC companies sets forth the strategic targets and program of the Association’s activities. L.M. Zalimskaya joined the Board in 2014. Head of TENEX Department for Innovation Products Development M.V. Baryshnikov is the chair of the WNA Working Group on Sustainable Spent Fuel Management. President of the Company’s subsidiary TENAM Corp. Fletcher Newton is a co-chair of the Fuel Report Working Group.