The panel discussion on new nuclear build issues and challenges was held while the ENC 2016 (European Nuclear Conference, October 9-13, Warsaw). Key European energy market players determined the position of nuclear energy within the new profile of EU energy sector and discussed new nuclear build prospects.

Viktor Riedel, AtomEnergoPromSbyt JSC (part of ROSATOM) Head of international project office, highlighted the importance of smart grids establishment, composed of a balanced kit of conventional and renewable energy sources. Nuclear energy should make up the base load and peak load will be covered by renewables in such a scheme. «Renewable energy sources cannot satisfy ever increasing energy demand in European region. The keystone of a sustainable energy balance is a complex usage of renewable and nuclear energy that may guarantee delay-free and efficient energy production, - Riedel stated. – Thus the Baltic NPP may overtake an important regional position not just as a reliable and cost-effective energy source, but as an interlink between Central and Eastern Europe’s markets that establishes the grounds for further regional integration».

David Powell, GE Hitachi Vice President for nuclear power plant sales in Europe, also emphasized the importance of new nuclear build in Europe. He paid special attention to Hinkley Point C NPP project in Great Britain that will create 30 000 new workplaces.

According to Jean-Pol Poncelet, European Nuclear Society (ENS) Secretary general, European climate policy changes, first of all, Paris agreement implementation, will give the nuclear energy fresh impetus. This agreement’s aim is to hold the increase in the global average temperature to well below 1, 5 - 2?°C due to the carbon dioxide emission decrease. «Only 32% of energy is being provided nowadays by low-carbon sources, 50% by hydropower and the rest is covered by nuclear energy. Nuclear energy’s share in Europe is 27% and another 100-125 GW will be needed in the near future», he stated.

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ENC 2016 (European Nuclear Conference) – is a prestigious international industrial event, organized by ENS (European Nuclear Society). Conference is a unique networking event for science, nuclear and political field representatives. Warsaw hosts the conference this year.