Rosatom's procurement system has several specific features, as described on the website where orders for goods, services and work within the nuclear industry are posted (only available in Russian at www.zakupki.rosatom.ru/en). 

Organisers of large-scale procurement: 
  • JSC “Atomkomplekt” (Moscow) 
“Atomkomplekt”, a Rosatom subsidiary, is the authorised procurement organiser responsible for a total of about $1.5 million covering the needs of Rosatom subsidiaries, and for over $150,000 for supplying the needs of Rosatom's headquarters.

  • SC “Directorate for Consolidated Procurement” (DCP), Moscow
The “Directorate for Consolidated Procurement”, another Rosatom subsidiary, specialises in consolidated purchase orders for nuclear power plant equipment with long manufacturing cycles! This company is also responsible for other centralised procurement.