Rosatom’s Global presence
As a global technological leader, Rosatom currently ranks first in terms of NPP construction projects implemented abroad
NPP design engineering and construction
Innovation system of the project management for complex Multi-D objects provides for efficient control of such parameters as budget, deadlines, and quality
Uranium enrichment
Rosatom is a global leader in uranium enrichment services, holding 36% of the world market
Nuclear fuel
Rosatom is one of the leading companies producing nuclear fuel. TVEL fuel company has a 17% share of the global market
ROSATOM is the only one world company with competences in all the stages of the nuclear fuel cycle. At the back-end stage, Rosatom ensures radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel management, and decommissioning of nuclear facilities
Rosatom is a global technology leader. The first world Gen 3+ reactor that is operated at Novovoronezh NPP complies with the latest safety requirements of the IAEA
Non-Nuclear Products
ROSATOM is developing non-nuclear and non-energy business areas including hydro- and wind power, irradiation technology for agricultural, medical purposes, water desalination, etc. Rosatom’s strategy envisages up to 30% of revenue from new businesses by 2030
Fast neutron reactors
ROSATOM is the world leader in switching to closed nuclear fuel cycle, the important stage of which is BN-800, the world most powerful fast neutron reactor with sodium coolant. This technology makes zero waste nuclear power possible and provides for nuclear fuel recycling
Nuclear medicine
Rosatom is creating Nuclear Medicine Centers exporting over 200 types of isotope products while a great part of these products is used for diagnostics and disease treatment

The foreign orders portfolio includes 33 units at various implementation stages.