Moscow June 19, 2017. The agreement was signed by the CEO of Lagerwey Huib Morelisse and Emin Askerov – the deputy director general - director for international business development of JSC “OTEK”- . The document forms the basis for creating a professional and innovative wind industry in Russia. 
The agreement sealed at the “Atomexpo” forum demonstrates strong commitment of the parties to the successful implementation OTEK’s wind energy program including more than 65% localization of the wind turbine manufacturing in Russia. Lagerwey with its 40 years of experience and innovative solutions has made a second to none proposal to OTEK with opportunity to localize almost all the components of the turbine in Russia. Moreover, Lagerwey granted OTEK the right for marketing and sales of the locally manufactured turbines in Russia and adjacent countries. 

“We are proud that we as a Dutch company can support the Russian ambitions in creating a wind industry. As a technological partner of OTEK we bring innovative design, easy logistics of parts and components in Russia and the experience needed to establish a wind industry”, - stated Huib Morelisse, the CEO of Lagerwey.. 

The license agreement between OTEK and Lagerwey is a first milestone in implemention of the MOU, signed by the parties in January 2017. The next step is the joint venture, planned to be announced in summer 2017.

“Rosatom” is consistent in its strategy to establish a new wind industry in Russia. With this important agreement in place, we can initiate the full scale wind turbine technology transfer for the localization program to be launched at our facilities. It’s important to mention that we not only build 970MW of windfarms in Russia, but will manufacture an innovative fully marketable wind turbine product, which corresponds to our strategy to enter new markets with new hi-tech products”
, -stated Kirill Komarov, the Deputy director general - director of international business and development division of Rosatom.