The reactor vessel for Rosatom’s MBIR research facility – which will be the world's largest fast neutron research reactor – will be delivered to site during the first quarter of 2022.

The project has reached the reactor vessel delivery stage after Rosatom announced at a recent operational meeting that construction was 8% ahead of schedule at the end of 2021.

Deploying integrated remote monitoring tools – including high-resolution satellite surveys, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) surveying and laser scanning – was a significant factor in exceeding construction targets, along with adopting an industry-wide integrated system of time and cost management.

Gennady Sakharov, Rosatom’s Director for Capital Investments, State Construction Supervision and State Expertise, commented: “I am proud to announce that, despite the global economic challenges and ongoing coronavirus restrictions, we are working ahead of schedule. The swift installation of the reactor shaft equipment during 2021 has allowed us to get closer to the next stage – delivering the reactor vessel to the site. This was all possible due to effective project management, adopting world-leading technology and the skills of our construction workers, whom we thank for their continued hard work.”

The swift progress made to date means that the reactor is now due to be completed one year early in 2027. It will be available to international partners for research programmes in 2028.

Notes to the editor:
ROSATOM is building a unique research facility MBIR as part of a programme to develop infrastructure for new technologies for nuclear energy. The reactor is being built in the city of Dimitrovgrad (Ulyanovsk region) on the grounds of SSC RIAR, LLC. The multipurpose research reactor will have 150 MW of thermal capacity and produce 50 MW of power for use in the Ulyanovsk region.

The International Research Center (ICR) MBIR is being created on the basis of the MBIR rector. The scientific group will include Russian and foreign scientists and researchers. The activities of the Center will be carried out by a consortium – “International Research Center on the basis of the MBIR reactor.” This approach will enable flexible use of the reactor’s resources that meets the needs of the members of the scientific community.

MBIR research reactor vessel due for delivery in Q1 2022
MBIR research reactor vessel due for delivery in Q1 2022