Mounting works on all 48 wind turbines were completed at the construction site of the Marchenkovskaya wind farm in the Rostov Region.

Works on the construction of a substation control house, laying of 35-kV cables and fiber-optic transmission lines, the design and construction of a 110-kV substation and roads were finalized.
“At present we are carrying out wind farms construction in parallel at three sites in the Stavropol Krai and the Rostov Region. The Marchenkovskaya wind farm is the first Rosatom wind farm in the Rostov Region at the final stage of construction. Start-up and assembly works, preparation for voltage supply and wind farm launching are underway at this site,” said Andrey Nesteruk, deputy CEO for Wind Farm Lifecycle Management, NovaWind JSC.

The installed capacity of the future wind farm will amount to 120 MW, and the planned annual average output will exceed 402 GW*h. The site has 48 wind turbines installed with a capacity of 2.5 MW each. The amount of investments in the wind farm construction exceeds 16 billion rubles.