ROSATOM's report on the activities in the area of sustainable development for 2021 was published on the website of the UN Global Compact International Network. The level Active was assigned to the Report.
The report (in English) on the website of the UN Global Compact is available here. The report in Russian was published on the website of ROSATOM.
Polina Lion, Director of Sustainable Development Department of ROSATOM, commented as follows: "The Active level means that we monitor trends of a set of ESG parameters and operate in compliance with the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact in the area of human rights, employment relations, environmental protection, and corruption control. The next level Advanced requires full-fledged disclosure ESG reporting, identification of the objectives for ESG indicators, and regular arrangements aimed to enhance the maturity level in all aspects of sustainable development. We are working in this area."
ROSATOM joined the UN Global Compact network in 2020. The UN Global Compact network is the largest international initiative of the United Nations for business in the area of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development. At present, this initiative unites more than 20 thousand member companies from over 160 countries.