Iquipment for the power supply systems of the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) was shipped from the site of NIIEFA JSC (included into Rosatom) on February, 13-14. Three trailers with the total cargo weight of 33.4 tons set off to the reactor construction site in France.

The scope of supply included the final lot of heavy-current power rails penetrating through the separating radiation barrier between the tokamak building and the diagnostic building and important for radiation safety of the ITER plant, as well as components of the switching units included into the power supply systems of the poloidal field super-conducting coils and the central solenoid valve.

This is the first shipment of the power supply system components in 2023; in total it is planned to send about 50 trailers with different equipment for the power supply systems with the aggregate weight exceeding 400 tons to France within the current year.

The obligations of NIIEFA JSC with regard to supply of the ITER equipment are fulfilled to the full extent. The responsibility area of NIIEFA JSC includes development and manufacturing of the poloidal field super-conducting coil PF1, current switching and energy extraction devices, power supply circuits, the upper branch pipes of the vacuum chamber, the central diverter assemblies and some panels of the first wall as well as arrangement of testing for the diverter components manufactured in other countries.

For reference:
ITER is the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor based on the tokamak concept and one of the major examples of global partnership in the area of nuclear power engineering development. The goal of the mega-science project is to demonstrate the possibilities of controlled thermonuclear fusion for transfer to a "cleaner" and safer energy generation type. The EU countries, Russia, the USA, India, China, South Korea and Japan are working on the project together. Rosatom is appointed as the organization responsible for fulfillment of the Russian party's obligations within the ITER project. ITER Project Centre, Rosatom Private Enterprise is coordinating the works. Manufacturing and supply of 25 extremely sophisticated high-tech systems for the future facility are within the responsibility area of the Russian Federation.
NIIEFA JSC has been the leading scientific, design, engineering and production center of Russia in arrangement of electrophysical plants and complexes for solution of scientific and applied problems in the area of plasma physics, atomic and nuclear physics, elementary particle physics, healthcare, radiation and energy technologies, introscopy for more than 75 years. The plants developed by this institute are successfully operated by many scientific organizations and industrial facilities of Russia, the CIS countries, Bulgaria, Hungary, Germany, Egypt, India, China, Cuba, the USA, Finland, France, Japan, North and South Korea.