In October 2014, the Rosatom group chose to establish its Western European operations centre in Paris, with the opening of its French subsidiary Rosatom France.
Under the direction of the Rusatom International Network, the geographical area covered by this newly established regional office includes France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Sweden, Norway and Finland.
Rosatom France's main objective is to develop the international business division of the Rosatom group in Western Europe by setting up mutually beneficial partnerships with European businesses, so as to gain access to new opportunities.
We support Rosatom's activities in Western European and Nordic countries, promoting all the products and services that the various companies engaged in the Russian nuclear industry are able to offer in the region.
We also provide active support to Rosatom in the areas of marketing, business development and communication throughout Western Europe.
“The company's main objectives are to support the Rosatom divisions' foreign market activities and to help in searching for new business opportunities”.
Alexandre Merten, President of the Rusatom International Network