October 14, 2022, Büyükeceli, Turkey – The 6th tier of the inner containment (IC), which is one of the main components of Akkuyu NPP's Safety System, was installed in the reactor building of the Power Unit No. 1 of this nuclear power plant. Subsequent dome installation, which the builders plant to carry out before the end of 2022, will complete the formation of the reactor hall of the Power Unit No. 1.

The 6th IC tier is a metal structure that comprises 30 blocks. The total mass of the tier is 224 tons, the diameter is 44 meters. The structure was installed at the Akkuyu NPP Construction Site using Liebherr LR 13000 heavy crawler crane.

It took 8 hours to install the tier. After the installation, the height of the Reactor Building of the Power Unit No. 1 increased by 8.4 meters and reached 51.5 meters.
"It is an important event today. Following the 6th tier installation, the reactor building dome will be the only thing to install. The installation was carried out impeccably: our builder, installation personnel, slingsmen and crane operators once again showed the highest level of their professional skills. Installation of a multi-ton structure with 1-cm tolerance is a daunting task. We did it, which is yet another example of the highest professional level of the Akkuyu NPP Team," pointed out Anastasia Zoteeva, Chief Executive Officer of Akkuyu Nuclear JSC.

Installation works on the containment dome and the start of pre-commissioning works, namely flushing onto the reactor vessel and commissioning of the polar crane, are scheduled for the Power Unit No. 1 up to the end of 2022.

Construction and installation works at the Akkuyu NPP Site are being performed in all construction areas of the main and auxiliary facilities, namely: four power units, on-shore hydraulic engineering structures, power output system, administrative buildings, training centre and physical protection facilities of the future NPP.

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The inner containment ensures protection of the reactor containment and acts as support for pipeline penetrations and the polar crane which carries out nuclear-reactor maintenance operations at the NPP operation phase. The IC comprises steel lining, which ensures the air-tightness of the reactor containment, and special concrete.