WATER AND ENERGY SOLUTIONS and Rusatom Smart Utilities, within the framework of Second Summit Russia–Africa Economic and Humanitarian Forum, signed the memorandum of understanding. Based on the document, the parties plan to cooperate for the implementation of desalination, water conditioning and water purification projects.
“According to the UN, today more than two billion people suffer from lack of potable water. In order to solve this problem, considerable joint efforts are needed from both the public authorities and global corporations which have necessary competences. The signed memorandum expands cooperation with Morocco in the field of desalination and water conditioning and stipulates a possibility of implementation of joint projects with application of ROSATOM’s technologies aimed to provide the production sector and population of the region with green water,” said Kirill Komarov, First Deputy Director General for Development and International Business of the State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM
“The relationship of trust is one of the key values in the quickly changing world; signing of the memorandum is a perfect example of this. The Russian Federation stands by her word and shows readiness to help and share her know-how with our countries. The fact that ROSATOM decided to work with the Kingdom of Morocco is an excellent proof that we can and want to develop together helping each other and people, providing them with green water at the affordable price. I would like to thank our partners for their support in this undertaking,” said Mohammed Amine Cherkaoui, Chairperson of the Board of Directors of WATER AND ENERGY SOLUTIONS.
Today the State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM has accumulated considerable experience in creation of desalination and water conditioning units for both the industrial sector and population. In particular, a desalination complex operated in Aktau (Kazakhstan), which had been established by ROSATOM’s enterprise and was combined with the nuclear fast neutron plant. It supplied fresh water to the plant, industrial facilities and population and continued to operate after decommissioning of NPP in the 1990s. Currently, a desalination complex is built together with NPP Akkuyu in Turkey. Besides, the engineering solutions and equipment of ROSATOM’s enterprises in the field of water purification for the energy sector, industrial and petrochemical facilities are used in Russia and abroad.
Construction of desalination units combined with NPP is part of ROSATOM’s integrated solution for potential customers. Taking into account that nearby a half of the cost of a cubic meter of desalinated water is electricity and thermal energy costs, the integration with an energy source allows to optimize costs and reduce the prime cost of desalinated water materially.
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Rusatom Smart Utilities – a division of ROSATOM, a diversified holding operating in the energy industry, IT sphere, and housing and public utilities sector. The company manages non-nuclear generation of the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom, implements projects in the field of digitalization of municipal and regional management, renovation of resource supply, and development of city environment. Generating capacities of the company and heat networks are located in 16 regions of Russia. The total installed electric capacity of the electric power plants is 3.6 GW; total installed thermal capacity is 18.3 thous. Gcal/h. Various projects in the field of digitalization, housing and public utility services, water conditioning and desalination are implemented in more than 100 cities from Murmansk to Sakhalin.
WATER AND ENERGY SOLUTIONS — a Moroccan company engaged in solution of the problems of lack of water, drought and climate change. The company’s goal is to enhance water security and contribute to the sustainable development, using advanced desalination technologies and innovative solutions. Cooperating with partners, WATER AND ENERGY SOLUTIONS – SARL aims to improve access to potable water, support efficiency of the farming sector and stimulate the economic growth, preserving the valuable resource of fresh water at the same time.
Source: Press service of Rusatom Smart Utilities